Information Technology Manager:



  • Information Technology manager from 2010 to present

  • IT Committee secretariate from 2010 to present

  • Regional  I.C.T member from 2011 to present

  • Providing counseling about launching wireless webs


  • A consultant at designing the “CCNP” curriculum at the center organization (the office of studies and education of human resources)
  • Cooperating in implementing the virtualization server project
  • Setting up the wireless network of the university
  • Monitoring the operation of the university servers and removing the possible glitches or faults of the network when serving the users.
  • Monitoring the computer workshops and internet websites at university
  • Monitoring the gathering transferring of correct and appropriate information to the center office and relevant organizations.
  • Expanding the university Network broadband to 30 Mb.
  • Installing, running and backing up the university LAN and Wireless networks
  • Setting up a fiber optics network between university building
  • Setting up a Cash Server, ISA Server and DHCP server
  • Standardizing the server room of the university
  • Setting up the mail server of the university
  • Setting up the video conferencing servers of the university and monitoring their activity
  • Setting up the central Internet site of the University and monitoring its activity
  •  Unifying the university Internet lines and removing ADLS lines
  • Monitoring and developing the university website
  • Setting up fiber optics on the campus
  • Setting up the short messaging system for the university with a dedicated number
  • Setting up the text view system for the university website and in the internal network
  • Equipping 60 classrooms with data projectors
  • Setting up paperless correspondences at university
  • Setting up and improving on-the-campus wireless Internet services
  • Purchasing and setting up a storage system to back up the campus servers.
  • Setting up electronic pay stubs, virtual research and consulting systems for the campus


Address : Imam Khomeini Campus, Islamic Azad University, Farhikhtegan Bld., Shahid J'afari St., Kermanshah, Iran