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Kermanshah Islamic Azad University was established in late 1990 According to the IAU regulations, this university has enjoyed independent research deputy.
The Department organizes all kinds of research, supports research Projects, encourages researchers, patrons the writers through university Publication Office , provides research facilities such asworkshops , labs , libraries , Internet , conferences and scientific meetings.
Currently more than 50 researchers are actively involved in presenting research proposals paper atnational and international levels, inventions, compiling, writing and translating books. Through thesupportive policies of the university, it is hoped that the number increases in the close future.
Since its self –governance , Dr .Abdolhamid Popzan,Dr. Faramarz Malekian, Dr . Mehdi Rozrokh , Dr Mossayeb Naseri have been in Charge of the Department.At present , Dr Mohammad Mahdi Jowkar is managing the Research Dept .



Address : Imam Khomeini Campus, Islamic Azad University, Farhikhtegan Bld., Shahid J'afari St., Kermanshah, Iran